Problems installing WID 6.2 on Windows 7

I faced many problems while installing WID 6.2 on my Windows 7 machine. I won’t get into the full set of problems I encountered, but the process that did work for me was as follows:

1. Don’t run the launchpad application, but the installer inside IM_win32
2. Run the installer in compatibility mode, for WindowsXP SP2
3. Since I already tried installing – I had to install everything to a clean directory
3.1 This is a reported bug and was fixed in a fixpack already
4. Remove the file c:\windows\.nifregistry
I found the last tip after digging inside the installation log files, I found the following command executed -C:/Program Files/IBM/WID62/image/WPS62/iip/contrib/6.1.0-WS-WASWS/1/WinX32\WEBSV\install.exe -options C:/Users/liran.ALUNA/responsefile.WEBSV.txt -silent
And the log file specified a NullPointerException on the
The weird thing is that I did everything by the book, so it’s not clear to me why no one else got this error. But hey – it works now…

2 thoughts on “Problems installing WID 6.2 on Windows 7

  1. You saved my day, I almost brought in my PC for a complete reinstallation of Windows. It makes sense that for a NullPointerException you have to remove a file in C:\Windows I guess. 🙂

    The file was not removed after uninstall of WAS 6.1 probably.

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